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What is it?

Live resin is one of the highest quality cannabis extracts you can buy. It is one of of the most flavourful and potent extracts available to us. Is it created using BHO or PHO methods, which means the high pressures of the solvents are what separates the plant material from the good stuff: trichomes and terpenes.

How is it different from shatter?

But what makes it different from shatter, wax, budder, saps, and all the other BHO and PHO extracts? The biggest difference is the timing of the extraction. Shatter and other solvent extracts are done from dried and cured flowers, and the timing of the crop is not taken into account at all.

Terpenes are volatile

Some terpenes are more volatile and unstable than others. The moment the plant is cut down, terpenes begin to evaporate off the plant, some more quickly than others. Some terpenes, like Caryophyllene, which smells of rosemary, cloves and hops, evaporates extremely quickly. Others like myrcene (earthy, piney kush flavours) stick around for a long time. By performing the extraction technique quickly, the extractor is able to hold onto these terpenes before they are lost. The result is a magnificently tasty extract.

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Lime Mojito (Indica), Sunset Sherbert (Indica), Purple Punch (Indica), Birthday Cake (Indica), Sour Dank (Indica), Blueberry Haze (Sativa), OG Ghost Train (Indica), Cosmic Glue


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