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Mercedes Benz | Afghan Hash is a domestic hash product that employs an ancient cannabis extraction style. The method involves pressing or rubbing together the resin glands of a cannabis plant. The end result in turn forms a brick, slab, or rolled pieces.

An ancient cannabis method

Hash is arguably one of the oldest types of cannabis extracts. There are written records in the Middle East that refer to hashish being used as far back as the 12th and 13th centuries.

There are several forms of hash-making methods. Some of the most famous methodologies include Afghan, Moroccan, Lebanese, and Nepalese styles. However, the essential point across all methods is to remove the trichome glands from a cannabis plant and repeatedly compress them to form a hard, solid piece. The best hash-making is to do it the traditional way, which is by hand.

Hashish can be chocolate brown, greenish khaki, or sandy brown in colour. The colour and consistency of different hash connects directly to the history and particular methodology. This Afghan-style hash is chocolate brown in colour, however it is light golden brown on the inside.
Hashish is the traditional name. In Canada, it’s just hash. The most typical method of ingestion is smoking. Some users roll hash into”spliffs”. A spliff is a mix of tobacco and hash. Others use pipes and smoke the hash by itself. It is a very popular form of cannabis, especially in the aging population.

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