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Tom Ford Pink Kush is a top tier indica strain. The name “Tom Ford” before Pink Kush is a highly debated topic among connoisseurs. The terpene profile is characterized as gassy, with earthy, pine undertones. The buds are dense, tightly packed, and full of dark forest green and deep purple hues. Pink Kush commonly tests over 20% THC, and usually has a relatively high CBD content for a THC-packed strain. Its high levels of the terpene myrcene bring on quick-acting effects. It’s most likely you will feel the potent effects of Tom Ford Pink before you’re finished smoking your joint or blunt.

Genetics: Speculative: OG Kush lineage x (Rockstar or Bubba Kush)
Origin: Pacific Northwest
Indica | Sativa: Indica Dominant
Effects: Potent body effects, relaxing mental effects
Recreational: Lazy days and chill nights, streaming, deep thought
Medical: Chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, stress disorders

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