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Blue Coma is an ultra-smooth, creamy west coast classic with super mysterious genetics. That being said, it is likely from its beautifully blueberry terpene profile that it is connected to Blueberry genetics. It is classified as sativa dominant.nThe flowers are gorgeous. Dark green interspersed with lots of orange pistil hairs, and a tint of purple. It’s also just caked with trichomes. Do you like desserts? You’re going to love this strain! The flavour has notes of blueberry, cake batter, and earthy chocolate with a light taste of freshness on the exhale.

Genetics: Mysterious, we think something Blue
Origin: Fraser Valley, BC, Canada
Indica | Sativa: Sativa Dominant
Recreational: Creative outlets, daytime use, light physical activity
Medicinal: Stress disorders, depression, motivation, mood disorders

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