Pacific Reserve | Live Resin


Brand: Pacific Reserve
Extract Type:
Live Resin
Extract Method: BHO
Material: Fresh cut flower
Weight: 1-2 grams
THC: 75-90%

Select your choice of strains from Pacific Reserve Live Resin. Available in indica or sativa flavours. 

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Live resin is a high terpene cannabis extract made using fresh cannabis flowers that are immediately frozen after harvest, instead of dried cured cannabis. Fresh cannabis plants contain much more terpenes that would usually be lost during the normal drying and curing process. Terpenes are natural plant oils that give cannabis its many different aromas and flavours. This is why live resin has a much deeper flavour profile than other concentrates. Terpenes also have many therapeutic benefits as well, and they can alter or enhance the effects of primary cannabinoids like CBD and THC, which gives live resin users a much more complex and elevated psychoactive experience.

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Bubblegum, Do-Si-Do, Grandaddy Purple, Knight Rider, Blue Dream, Lemon Diesel, Miracle Mile, Candy Land, El Chapo OG, Wedding Cake


1 gram, 2 grams


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