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Raspberry Kush is an incredible indica strain with mysterious genetics. Speculation traces this strain through Cheese and Skunk channels and perhaps back to Afghani or Hindu Kush heritage. Some hypothesize it could be a cross of Raspberry Cough and a kushy Cheese strain. This functional indica strain is excellent for lazy afternoon activities like lounging by a pool or on a beach. Recreational users cherish this strain as a fruity, creamy indica. It is wonderfully calming, which makes it suitable for battling anxiety. This is a great strain if high-powered sativas sometimes make you feel a little jittery. However, if you’re looking for a motivational spark to begin your day, this may not be the best idea!

Genetics: Speculative: Cheese (Skunk)  lineage, Hindu / Afghan heritage
Origin: Afghanistan / Hindu Kush
Indica | Sativa: Indica Dominant
Effects: Overwhelming calmness and thoughtful cerebral effects
Recreational: Daytime and afternoon use, being creative, gaming, streaming
Medical: Chronic pain, social anxiety, headaches, arthritis, stress disorders, abdominal pain, cramps, depression


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