Greenmates is the best and only Surrey Dispensary delivery service. Here’s why:

Customer satisfaction is a guarantee

Greenmates Surrey dispensary is the most customer friendly out there, if you have any complaints, you can easily make contact with our customer care service and not only will you be responded to swiftly, but we can also guarantee that we’ll find an immediate solution to the issue. Our response time is unrivaled. 

On time delivery

All orders received are always packed, organized and ready to be delivered that same day, we know how time sensitive our customers can be and rightly so, therefore no matter what location you might be in the country you are sure to get your package delivered to you in no time at all. 

State of the art quality

If you want to ensure that your weed is of the best quality, then you have to be in close contact with your grower and that is exactly what Greenmates are, we not only monitor our growers but we also test each of the batches collected to make sure they are of the best quality, nobody wants substandard weed right? That being said, you know when you place an order through Greenmates surrey dispensary you’re getting the best product out there.

It is worthy of note that not all consumers smoke, some would rather get it into their systems another way. That’s where we come in, being a great dispensary we offer many substitutes such as edibles; which are fused with marijuana. We also have various types of cannabis oils, with so many choices you are definitely sure to enjoy your experience in any way and form you like. 

Also, all members of staff have very vast knowledge on all strains of weed and on all our products, interaction with them will be very convenient because they already know what variety would best suit you, even before you finish describing it to them.

Another thing that makes Greenmates surrey dispensary exceptional is the atmosphere in our stores, we know that not everyone buying cannabis is quite comfortable just yet but when you walk into our stores it immediately gives you a calming effect, our store environment is very neat, well ventilated and well lit, in many of our stores we have coffee vending machines and also a variety of snacks you can choose from. There’s always a pleasant aroma in the store and all strains are displayed in a detailed way that makes locating them quite easy. 

Some added advantages of shopping with us also include discounts for later purchases

When we have a new customer, we offer a certain percentage of discount depending on what you purchase, you’ll hardly see any other dispensary that does this. We value each and every one of our customers and we want to see you back again so we offer tantalizing prices and discounts. Bear in mind that we don’t do this for only new customers but we also give amazing discounts to our long serving customers, we are family already after all.

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