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Greenmates is a Surrey cannabis shop where people can go to get cannabis in a safe and legal way. This Surrey marijuana store offers delivery right to your doorstep anywhere you are. Greenmates also offer same-day local delivery in Surrey, Delta, White Rock, Cloverdale, Langley, and the surrounding areas. Greenmates cannabis shop strives to provide all customers with the highest quality cannabis and cannabis-related products. Greenmates is the only Surrey weed store that will provide you with affordable product pricing without compromising the product quality. They offer a wide selection of buds with a variety of cannabis Sativa, Indica flower, and hybrid cannabis. Greenmates Surrey cannabis shop is known for delivering quality, and top-notch product for its customers.

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When it comes to storage, Greenmates makes sure the dried cannabis flowers are stored appropriately so as to keep them fresh. Greenmates Surrey weed store makes use of several different storage options, some of them are opaque and air-tight containers, travel cases, humidors, and humidity control devices, these storage devices help to prevent your weed from getting too dry.

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Same day, 1-2 hour, Surrey Cannabis Store Delivery

One of the major goals of this Surrey marijuana store is to provide their customers with the highest quality medical marijuana, the prices are reasonable and affordable. They typically stock between seven to ten strains, and sometimes, due to some customers’ requests, this Surrey weed store stock Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. Presently, Greenmates provides you with over a hundred strains of the most sought after cannabis in Surrey, which you can browse through and choose from on their website, they also offer discounts when making bulk weed orders.

One major advantage that Greenmate has over other Surrey marijuana stores is that they offer same-day cannabis delivery, straight to your doorsteps, in one to two hours. Greenmates might have many competitors in the industry, but if you are looking to get healthy products and superb delivery services, then you should try us out. Other amazing features are the Live chat support on their website where you can chat directly with customer care support if you have any issues you need clarifications on. You can also track your orders while it’s on its way to you. The website is user easy to use and it is designed to be user friendly.

Greenmates is one of the few Surrey cannabis shops that offers same-day delivery, when you order your products from Greenmates, it takes less than two hours for your orders to be delivered to your doorsteps.

To order your product from this Surrey weed store, visit the website and browse an extensive variety of different quality cannabis products that are available on their website. One of the advantages that Greenmates has over other Surrey cannabis shops is that you can communicate directly with their customer support in case you have any issues you want to resolve, they are available from 10:30 am-10 pm – 7 days a week. Another amazing feature this Surry weed store possesses is its Driver tracking technology, which allows you to track your package while it’s on route to you.

Greenmates is one of the best Surrey Marijuana stores in British Columbia, Canada. Greenmates is a reputable Surrey cannabis store that strives to make marijuana available to all Canadians responsibly and safely. They offer a wide range of services to prospective customers in order to provide them with the best possible shopping experience.

Greenmates weed store does offer long hours and they are available 7 days a week. This Surrey weed store also offers delivery and online purchasing options. When you order from Greenmates, you get your cannabis at a very affordable price and your deliveries are discreet. At Greenmates’ Surrey cannabis store, they are committed to providing you access to the highest quality products and guarantee discreet and timely delivery. In a situation where your order doesn’t arrive, they will completely replace your order. 

If you wish to place an order with this Surrey Marijuana store, simply visit the website and go ahead to browse the product sections which contain premium items such as marijuana and weed edibles. They stock a variety of different Indica and Sativa strains, as well as a large selection of concentrates, and topicals. Proceed to checkout with your cart full of products. All that is required for purchase is your name, your email address, create your password, complete address, and billing information, your account will automatically be created, and your packages will arrive within 1 to 2 hours. 

Greenmates do offer some discounts to customers, especially if you are a new customer.

Greenmates are verified and highly reviewed by customers and always delivers so many excellent products to their customers all over Canada. Are you looking for the best cannabis delivery that will give you top-notch products and also good services, then you should patronize Greenmates.

Please note that Greenmates will not in any way sell any of her products to minors or allow minors to access their online stores. To be eligible to browse through Greenmates’ website, you must be above 19 years of age. Additionally, they have very trained staff that can help you get the right dosage they need and help people avoid overdosing or experience negative side effects.

Also, this Surrey weed store offers a range of CBD products, so if you are someone that does not wish for the intoxicating effects of weed, then Greenmates has got you covered. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical that works as a moderator, this CBD does not get users high. On Greenmates’ CBD collection, they have some of the best CBD edibles in Surrey, and also the selection consists of CBD oil and also CBD pills. It doesn’t end there as this list is not exclusive, there are many other CBD products available in their collections. The Greenmates team also offers CBD topicals such as CBD ointment which you can rub externally on your skin.

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