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BlueFin Tuna is a rare and potent indica hybrid, created by a genius who thought to cross two west coast strains: Tuna Kush with Blueberry. The buds are mostly green, sprinkled with some orange. The flowers are noticeably dense, and when you bust up this BlueFin Tuna in the grinder, the terpene profile is fully released. This strain is rare and difficult to find! The effects are mostly focused on the body, but with this level of potency the effects are felt in the mind too. After smoking BlueFin Tuna you’ll be living in a daze, daydreaming with a calm sense of serenity. Your shoulders relax as your mind wanders, until finally it decides on seeking out a place where there are pillows to rest on and blankets to get beneath.

Genetics: Blueberry x Tuna Kush
Origin: British Columbia, Canada
Indica | Sativa: Indica
Effects: Powerful body stone with invigorating mental buzz
Recreational: Night time use, unwinding, stay at home chill and sleep
Medical: Chronic pain, headaches, arthritis, stress disorders, insomnia, ADHD

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