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IONIS Live Resin is some of the best and cleanest live resin available on the market. Dab up a storm with some incredible IONIS Live! Live Resin is a term used to describe an extraction method. This method extracts the oil within minutes of the plant being cut down. That is why it’s called “live”.

The most common solvent used to extract live resin is butane, another popular option is propane. The colour is a faint gold, almost completely clear. The oil is soft, easy to work with, and absolutely bursting with terpenes.


This product provides some of the nicest overall effects of any cannabis product. The potency of this extract is very strong indeed. The effects are sativa leaning, but functional for advanced users. Initially, an uplifting, active effect leads the charge. This is followed by a strong body stone that washes over your shoulders. This product leaves you relaxed, but not too sedated to stop you from staying mentally and physically active. This is one of the best extracts you can find in Canada.


This product may help some medical patients looking to treat symptoms of depression, stress or chronic pain. It always flies off the shelf, beloved for its potency and flavour. We see it in almost every extract order when it’s in stock. For the advanced users, this product is perfect as a functional yet potent day time option. This is the stuff you pull out of your stash when you want to impress the pickiest 710 snob you know.

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Lime Mojito (Indica), Sunset Sherbert (Indica), Purple Punch (Indica), Birthday Cake (Indica), Sour Dank (Indica), Blueberry Haze (Sativa), Cosmic Glue, OG Ghost Train


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