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Kali Haze is a fabulous sativa strain. It is a combination of Haze, Jamaican and North Indian cannabis strains. The name is a double entendre, meaning that it has two meanings. The first is an ode to Cali, the origin of the Haze line. At the same time it refers to its North Indian roots in the Hindu deity Kali, the goddess that fights evil. This sativa strain provides energetic, invigorating, motivational, creative effects. You may be lulled into a daydream of thought-provoking ideas. This is the perfect strain for outdoor activities, being creative, and boosting motivational energy.

Genetics: Haze x Jamaican x North Indian
Origin: California
Indica | Sativa: Sativa
Effects: Euphoric mental buzz, energetic body stone
Recreational: Morning and daytime use, being creative, deep thinking, reading
Medical: Chronic pain, headaches, stress disorders, cramps, nerve damage


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