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Charlotte’s Web is a magical medical cannabis strain that has been successfully used to treat seizures, in some cases. It has excellent applications for both day and night time use as a reliable CBD strain. Furthermore, it is a great option for those looking to quell symptoms of anxiety. There are very low THC levels, so don’t worry about feeling anxious or jittery. This CBD strain is perfect for cannabis novices who are a little worried about the effects of THC. This particular batch of Charlotte’s Web actually has 3% THC, with 13% CBD, making it just over a 4:1 in a CBD | THC ratio.

Genetics: Unknown
Origin: Stanley Brothers (Colorado)
Indica | Sativa: CBD hybrid
Effects: Calming effects with no THC buzz.
Recreational: Day or night time use, unwinding, chill afternoons
, de-stress
Medical: Chronic pain, inflammation, headaches, arthritis, stress disorders, cramps, depression

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