GetKush which is formally with the slogan: “we’re a dispensary with a simple goal: to create the best shopping experience while saving you money on great.” On Get Kush is a good source for mail order marijuana in Canada. You can buy your weed online at Get Kush, and they also offer free shipping on orders over $99.

One of the best things that Get Kush possess is their large inventory and consistently stocked popular items. They have excellent performance when it comes to the selection of items like CBD oils, CBD edibles, and also CBD topicals, they also go as far as selecting concentrates such as resin, hash shatter, and more! In addition to this selection of products are the weekly deals and also you can get coupon codes for a discount on products.

Greenmates is one of the best online marijuana dispensaries. At Greenmates, the money you spend on marijuana reflects the quality of the products. Then you couldn’t find a better place. 

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Greenmates deliver your cannabis to you like the way your pizza company does, you place an online order through our website, by choosing your location, just like you shop on Amazon and eBay. You add the type of cannabis you want to your cart, checkout and add your information. Information will include your name, home address where you want your goods to be delivered, and payout. You can also pay on delivery.

Some of the reasons why Greenmate is better than its competitors is the amazing features that come with ordering your weed from them, some of them are:

Same-Day Local Delivery

Once you order on Greenmate, you will get your weed delivered to your doorstep that same day. Imagine getting your weed delivered to you within one to two hours! Amazing!

Live Chat Support

On Greenmates website, you can communicate directly with their customer support in case you have any issues you want to resolve, they are available from 10:30 am-11 pm.

Vast Product Selection

Different cannabis products are available on Greenmates website, you can browse our extensive variety of quality cannabis products. Shop away!

Driver Tracking

Another amazing feature Greenmates possess is its Driver tracking technology, which allows you to track your package while it’s en route to you.

User Friendly

Greenmates online shopping experience is designed to be easy for everyone, from start to finish. 

Smile Guaranteed

Great product with top-notch service? A recipe for a smile indeed. Try us today!

Greenmates has a lot of legitimate reviews from its customers all over the internet and they are generally positive reviews.  Greenmates customers are always satisfied with their professionalism and great delivery. Greenmates are reliable, safe, and trustworthy cannabis dispensaries online in Canada. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best cannabis delivery, then you need to look no more, you are in the right place. Greenmates are verified and certified to always deliver so many excellent products to their customers all over Canada.

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