Pure Pulls | THC Vape Pen

Pure Pulls | THC Vape Pen contains 500 mg (1/2 gram) cannabis oil, in a rotating menu of flavours. Pure Pulls offers sativa, indica and hybrid options. Check back routinely to see new strains!

Pure Pulls | THC Vape Pen is a reliable vaporizer pen containing premium cannabis oil extracted in a C02 extraction process. Pure Pulls use the latest extraction technology and bypasses any use of solvents like propane and butane.

These vape pens are disposable, which means after the oil is finished, you dispose of them in the same way you would batteries.

Discreet Use

Many modern cannabis users are turning to vaporizers. There are many reasons for this. First of all, it is a healthier option than smoking. Secondly, vapour is less offensive than smoke, so you can comfortably vape walking down the street! Lastly, you avoid certain cannabis stigmas. Nicotine vapes are also very popular and accepted socially. As a result, the cannabis vape pen aligns itself with the same social acceptance.

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Tangie (Sativa), Grand Daddy Purple (Indica)


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