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Weed stocks will be on the lips of Wall Street in hopes of legalization in the United States. At the start of Short Trading Week, we assess the top Canadian weed stocks based on recent gains through January 2021.

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For the Canadian cannabis sector and the large investment institutions that focus on it, it is time to look for weed stocks. Let’s look at some of the winning shares on the Canadian Cannabis Stock Watchlist for the first half of 2021 and find them on our weed stock watchlist.

The Canadian weed producer announced in its earnings report for the first half of 2021 that SNDL has bought or sold shares in the company.

This company has become the largest weed producer in Canada and is one of the three leading weed companies worldwide by market capitalization. Many of MJ’s top 10 holdings are in MSOS, and the company is developing into one of the top five weed companies in terms of market capitalization and market share. On September 8, one of the Canadian weed stocks announced that it has bought shares in a private equity firm with an investment of 1.5 million dollars. This “Canadian weed penny stockpile” is involved in both the production and distribution of weed. It is a diversified weed company with interests in the cultivation, production, and distribution of medical marijuana and other weed businesses.

Aphria may be doing well as a Canadian grower, but as an investor, you can buy any legal weed stock you want. Another way to invest in weed stocks is through cannabis ETFs, an underlying basket of securities that can be traded. If the direct purchase of weed shares is not an appropriate option, they can also be traded on the open market.

The professionally managed NCV Cannabis Stock Indices are used to monitor the performance of listed weed companies over a one-day period. The index, which tracks Canadian licensed producers, offers a wide range of weed stocks with an average market capitalization of over $1.5 billion.

As a group, we have put 10 different weed stocks on our watch list and are actively investing in them. Hexo is another Canadian weed producer and one of the largest weed companies in Canada with a market capitalization of over 1.5 billion dollars.

There are other Canadian weed stocks in 2021 that will be interesting in years to come.

This is not a real flop – the IIP specializes in weed ETFs, does not directly trade weed, and the production and sale of marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. This cannabis share offers not only a great investment opportunity but also one of the rare weed shares that can currently be listed on a major US stock exchange. Many Canadian weed companies were not listed on the US stock exchange before Canada introduced federal legalization in 2018. The recent upswing for them is probably due to the fact that they have had more time to penetrate US and Canadian markets, and many of them have.

Canadian weed stocks still have a lot of potentials, they just need to be handled a little more skillfully and compared to US weed stocks. While weed stocks still have a lot of value in the hopes that the US will legalize the drug, regulatory headwinds could lead to sector-wide losses. Canadian weed stocks, however, still need a little more time than almost all other S.P. weed stocks, especially in terms of market capitalization.

If you are wondering what weed stocks are worth buying for your Christmas stockings, we are here to show you the right direction. If you are an investor who absolutely refuses to own any non-Canadian weed shares, you still have a great opportunity to protect yourself from the difficulties of the industry.

Many hemp share investors see many opportunities in the short term, but there are three strong buying and holding options for hemp shares for 2021. As a long-term company, Canopy Growth Corporation could be one of the best cannabis stocks on the market. The biopharmaceutical company is the fastest-growing weed company in Canada with a market volume of over $3.5 billion.

Based in Ontario, Canada, the Medical Marijuana Operation is the largest weed company in the world based on market capitalization. The Canadian pharmaceutical company, which specializes in the production and marketing of medical and recreational weed, was the first weed company to go public.

VFF shares have hit a 52-week high of $11.59 and are currently trading at a price-to-earnings ratio of 1.5 and a market capitalization of about $2.2 billion.

Anyone who believes that oil and gas supplies have been at a heavy level in recent weeks should look at weed stocks. IIP offers a fantastic dividend, which is high – growth and currently yields 3%, which makes this a great time to invest in companies with weed stocks. If you are thinking about investing in the weed industry, the weed stocks below are a good starting point and a great place to start your research. Although rising share prices have reduced returns, there are still some weed stocks that deliver returns of 2-3% with an average dividend yield of 2.5%.

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